As part of an ongoing campaign to support global conservation efforts, the Leesburg Animal Park has “adopted” a Bonobo by the name of N’Djili living at the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary in the Congo.

Lola Ya Bonobo is the world’s only organization to provide lifetime care to bonobos orphaned by the illegal trade in endangered wildlife.  They are on the front line in the battle to protect bonobos in the only country they are found – The Democratic Republic of Congo.

N’Djili is a 2 year-old female Bonobo who was rescued from living in a bar with an owl and other exotic animals.  She is a sweet, shy baby, and the youngest of the group. Her favorite activity is being carried around to explore the forest by some of the older bonobos in the nursery.

To learn about Bonobos and to donate, please visit:

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