This quarter, we sponsored Save The Rhino International, a non-profit organization working to protect rhinos and grow the global population.

Save the Rhino helps protect all five rhino species, with an emphasis on the three Critically Endangered species: the Black, Sumatran and Javan. They work to provide ranger teams with the supplies needed to protect rhinos from poachers. They support planned and emergency veterinary interventions for rhino calves being hand-reared in bomas or bred in the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, and transmitters and radio frequency tags to help track rhinos in the wild.

Save the Rhino International is committed to addressing the source of the demand for rhino horn, and reducing consumer behavior across South East Asia. They are engaged with two demand reduction initiatives with Education for Nature Vietnam and Traffic, working tirelessly in Vietnam with communities to reduce consumer behaviors that are driving rhinos towards extinction.

Please review the attached information and consider supporting rhino conservation.

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