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Gibbon Conservation Center

Every quarter Leesburg Animal Park donates $500 to a new conservation organization. Learn about some of the organizations we support and how you can help out below.

“A non-profit center to promote the conservation, study and care of gibbons through public education and habitat preservation.” (GCC, 2017)

About the Gibbon Conservation Center

  • Established in 1976 by Alan Richard Mootnick.
  • The only institution to house and breed all four genera of gibbon.
  • Reproduced 7 species of gibbons.
  • Provides non-invasive research for students and scientists.
  • Participates in all relevant Species Survival Plans.
  • Provides consulting services to zoos, museums, government agencies on species identification and gibbon care.
  • Assists with gibbon rescue programs in Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Offers educational opportunities for all ages.

All about Gibbons:

“These acrobatic mammals, endemic to the dense forests of southern Asia, are perfectly adapted to life in the trees and rarely descend to the ground. They have strong, hook-shaped hands for grasping branches, comically outsize arms for reaching faraway limbs, and long, powerful legs for propelling and grasping. Their shoulder joints are even specially adapted to allow greater range of motion when swinging.” (Nat Geo, 2019)

“These iconic tree dwellers are among the most threatened primates on Earth. Their habitat is disappearing at a rapid rate, and they are often captured and sold as pets or killed for use in traditional medicines. Many species of gibbon are listed as endangered or critically endangered.” (Nat Geo, 2019)

How to Help: